At A Glance


Fire Retardant

Light Weight

Self Draining

Zero Gas Build-Up

Chemical Resistant

Whatever your access needs, Chemglass can create a bespoke solution for use in a multitude of environments. Whether you need high level access including ladders or staircases or a walkway or bridging section we can create your ideal solution, as working within your requirements and safety concerns, complete design flexibility means we can tailor our application to perfectly suit your needs.

As with all our GRP products the benefits of using this material can be various. GRP ’s lightweight construction provides excellent strength to weight ratio as well as load bearing and impact resistant properties for durability. Its chemical & corrosion resistance makes it ideal for use within the water, waste, food and chemical industries, as well as many others and these factors, as well as its fire retardant capabilities combine to create virtually maintenance free operation.

All our platforms, bridges and walkways are hand made to our customer needs using our standard materials and can be custom built to sit, seamlessly in and around existing structures.

The combination of our anti-slip flooring panels (see ‘Flooring’) with our handrailing sections (see ‘Handrailing’) are designed to encompass all necessary safety criteria, ensuring piece of mind.

Ladder Or Staircase?

Depending on your requirements all Chemglass access platforms can be supplied with or without ladder or staircase access. Chemglass ladders are constructed from pultruded GRP sections which weight-for weight are stronger than steel and can be supplied with safety cages if needed (see ‘Ladders’).

Alternatively, bespoke staircases such as the one shown right can also be provided should this be more suitable to your needs.