Whilst adhering to the BS6399 Part 1 – 1996 standard for handrail heights etc. Chemglass GRP handrailing sections can combine toe guards in straight or ‘W’ forms, box-section uprights in either 50mm or 60mm square section, 38mm Ø mid rails and either 38mm Ø or continuous ‘U’ section handrails in any combination you may require to provide the maximum safety to your application (see graphic).

Units can be free standing or attached to existing structures as required and can be ‘raked’ for staircases if necessary with all fixings in grade 316 stainless steel. Openings and access areas can be accomodated using either nylon or stainless steel safety chains or purpose built GRP drop bars.

Offered primarily in either high visibility yellow or standard grey, other colours may be made available upon request. Additionally, handrailing sections can also be supplied in Galvanized Steel if preferred.