At A Glance


The rungs have 10 serrations running along the length for a sure footing in all conditions


GRP sections are comparable with traditional materials, and the rungs will easily withstand the 150kg point load required under the regulations

Light Weight

Considerably lighter than many traditional materials, which makes handling and installation simple. As an example the ladder itself is less than 3kg per metre

Virtually Maintenance Free

GRP has excellent corrosion-resistant properties, and can be tailored to suit most situations

Safety Cages

We can provide safety cages that bolt to the ladder stringers, and also the walk-through top sections where the cage opens up at the top for access. Normally delivered flat-packed

Specialised Brackets

We can provide fixings and fittings in GRP or stainless and these can be to suit special applications such as curved manhole rings.

Retractable Handholds

To aid access onto and off the ladders we have walk-round, walk-through and single bar handholds

Stock Lengths or Made to Measure

Although we do normally have 6m lengths on the shelf, most of our orders are made specifically to suit the application and can be jointed if longer than 6m is required

Safety First with Chemglass

Chemglass ladders are constructed from pultruded GRP (glass reinforced plastic) sections which weight-for weight are stronger than steel. Because of the inherent chemical resistance of GRP , our ladders are ideally suited for duty in corrosive environments, such as those found in the water, waste and chemical industries.

Nothing is left to chance

The ladder stringers are formed with a rigid and easy to grip channel (although box section ones are also available), whilst the rungs have an anti-slip serrated surface. The rungs are both mechanically jointed and epoxy-bonded for total safety, and we rigorously control the quality of our workmanship.

Water Bylaws Scheme (WRAS) – Approved Product

Our ladders have been tested in accordance with BS 6920, and are suitable for use in contact with cold potable (drinking) water.

A Tailored Package

With Chemglass your needs determine our design. You may want only the odd length, or may require a complete access package including fixing brackets and anchors, a safety cage and either a permanent walk-through top, or a retractable handhold which provides a safe means of entering restricted areas, like a manhole.


The ladders and associated equipment are manufactured in dimensional accordance with B.S. 4211;2005+A1:2008, and EN ISO 14122. Any metal accessories and fastenings are formed in stainless-steel.


We offer a nationwide installation service, and will be pleased to carry out a site survey.